Optics Icon Leica Debuts Luxury Cine 1 Laser Projector For Super Cinematic Viewing

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Leica is entering into the home cinema market, as it announces its first laser TV, the Leica Cine 1. The company, widely known for its cameras and lenses, looks to deliver the 4k laser TV to store shelves in Q2 2023.

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When it comes to photography, Leica is a leader in terms of quality and reputation. Its cameras and lenses have been used to take some of the most breathtaking photos created. Now, the company looks to take its knowledge and experience with high-quality lenses and apply it to the home theatre experience.
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The Leica Cine 1 will deliver 4k resolution on 80 and 100-inch displays. It will add to the home theater ambiance by also providing Dolby Atmos surround sound and TV tuner, as well as intuitive smart TV capabilities.

The laser TV is said to have "unique triple RGB laser technology," that will deliver bright images and spectacular color rendition with a service life of over 25,000 hours. That should provide many a movie night with the family. Leica has incorporated its advanced Summicron lens with aspherical elements that precisely matches to the image size in order to produce consistently high imaging performance.

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In terms of connectivity, it will have an integrated TV tuner, as well as incorporating a VIDAA smart TV launcher that "opens up the world of streaming entertainment for users." There will also be built-in HDMI and USB ports, in case you want to connect a Blu-ray player or game console. The Leica Cine 1 will offer a screen mirroring function, that will give even more options to the viewing experience.

For the eco-friendly minded consumers, you will be glad to know that the Cine 1 consumes significantly less energy than an OLED TV of comparable size.

CEO of Leica Camera AG, Matthias Harsch, stated, "In the future, optical expertise will become a key success factor in the TV market, the largest consumer electronics market in the world with over US$100 billion in annual sales. I am therefore proud that, in cooperation with our strategic partner and on the basis of our world-leading optical expertise, we have succeeded in creating an extraordinary product with the Cine 1."