Oppo R17 Races To Become World's First Smartphone With 10GB RAM

Oppo R15 Pro
Oppo's next flagship phone could potentially end up with more RAM than many mainstream PCs, or at least the ones that ship with 4GB or 8GB of system memory. The upcoming R17 might have them beat with a whopping 10GB of RAM. That would be the most amount of RAM of any smartphone date, even those by the biggest players.

Interesting enough, it's actually the smaller smartphone players that have shoehorned the most amount of RAM in a smartphone. Both Razer and ASUS offer 8GB of RAM in their respective gaming phones, and you can also find 8GB in handsets like the OnePlus 5T, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Special Edition, Asus ZenFone AR, and ZTE Nubia Z17.

Major players like Apple, Samsung, and LG have less (the Galaxy S9+ features 6GB of RAM, for example, and the iPhone X only has 3GB). That makes what Oppo is doing with the R17 all the more interesting, if in fact it ends up having 10GB of RAM.

Oppo Event
Source: Playful Droid via Weibo

The tipped specification comes from a known leaker on China's Weibo forum, Kumamoto Technology. He posted a picture of Oppo's media event surrounding the R17, so it seems he is plugged in to Oppo's plans. According to Kumamoto Technology, the R17 will have 10GB of RAM when it arrives arrives later this year. The tipster also stated that Oppo will have "more than one flagship," though it isn't clear if that means multiple phone models (like when Apple launched its iPhone 8 and iPhone X at the same time) or is referring to different R17 SKUs.

Going to 10GB would not be a giant leap for Oppo. It already offers 8GB on its Find X, its current flagship phone. Both its R15 and R15 Pro, a pair of mid-range handsets, have 6GB of RAM.

It's not clear when exactly the R17 will arrive or what other specs it will have underneath the hood.