Opera TV Sets Eyes On Intel's New CE53000

Looking for the next wave of technology to make use of Intel's newest set-top box silicon? Say hello to Opera TV. Today, Opera Software announced that its TV browser with WebGL will run swimmingly on the new Atom Media Processor CE5300. Visitors to the Intel and Opera booths at the IP&TV World Forum in London can see a WebGL demonstration of advanced graphics using HTML5 and JavaScript, where games and interactive 3-D options are available directly in the browser.

“Opera with WebGL on Intel Atom Media Processor CE5300 brings fantastic graphics capabilities to application and game developers, and makes it possible to make cross-platform HTML5 applications shine on TVs and set-top boxes,” said Frode Hernes, Vice President of TV Products, Opera Software. “It is rewarding to continue our relationship with Intel and work together on new ways of access the web on connected devices.”

Something tells us Opera's just the first of what'll be many, many partners.