Opera GX Gaming Browser Features CPU Usage Controls, Twitch Integration, And More

Opera has announced a new browser called Opera GX, which is the world's first gaming browser. The browser allows the user to control their PC CPU and memory usage to make streaming smoother. GX might be the ideal browser for people looking to take advantage of streaming game services, such as Google Stadia, that will be launching soon.

operagx browser

The browser is in early access for Windows 10 now, and as of today, gamers can download the browser and try it out. The final version of the browser will launch later this year. Opera GX Control Panel is a new method to control how much of the CPU or RAM the browser is allowed to use. Users can toggle controls chose to devote a portion of RAM to the computer resources or the browser.

opera gx browser twitch

Opera GX aims to let the user keep a browser open without slowing down their game. Other gaming ready features of the browser include Twitch integration allowing users to log into their Twitch account directly from the sidebar and be notified when a streamer you follow goes live. Opera GX offers GX Corner, which is a place where gaming news from the web is presented along with a curated list of gaming deals and information about new releases.

Opera GX has a design that is inspired by the sights and sounds of gaming consoles. Sound effects and musical logo creation in GX are the results of a collaboration with sound designer Ruben Rincon and the band Berlinist. As cool as the sound effects might be, they can be turned off in the settings panel. Out of the box, Opera GX has dark and red elements, and there are 16 million color possibilities for gamers to customize. GX has Razer Chroma integration to match your Chroma peripherals to the color of the browser. Opera GX can be downloaded here.