Opera for Android Integrated Native VPN For Enhanced Security

Android users that are looking for a browser other than Chrome and are concerned with privacy may want to try Opera 51 for Android. Opera for Android adds  a free VPN service to allow users to mask their location for more privacy and to thwart web tracking tools.

opera vpn

Opera VPN, a standalone VPN app for Android and iOS, launched in 2016, but the app was discontinued last year. Bundling the VPN into the Android browser means that Android users who have used the dedicated VPN app in the past can go with the browser and take advantage of the Opera VPN again. A VPN is also wrapped into the desktop version of Opera.

The VPN feature is baked into Opera 51 for Android and was available in the beta version of the browser last month. Connectivity between the user's mobile device and the remote VPN server uses 256-bit encryption. Users have a number of locations within the app to use for masking their traffic. One of the best things about the VPN service in Opera for Android is that users need no account to take advantage.

Currently, the most popular mobile browser is Chrome with 56.74% of the mobile browser market between Android and iOS combined. Safari holds down the second place spot for the most popular mobile browser. The third and fourth most popular browsers include UC Browser and Samsung Internet respectively. Opera currently has a scant 3.53% of the mobile browser market. Opera has a long history of adding new features to protect user's privacy and data, in 2018 it added defenses against in-browser cryptojacking to its mobile offering.

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