Opera 12 Beta Launches With New Look, Lots Of Skin

Internet Explorer has its television ads, and Firefox has it's fiery fox logo. But Opera has a growing user base of its own, and the latest edition of the browser-that-could is now available. Opera 12 Beta has launched this week, presenting an entirely new look and feel, including new themes that provide some of the most stunning skins yet. With the new implementation, anyone can style Opera just the way they want. There's also 64-bit support, enabling startup times and page loading to be quicker than before. There's also a new implementation that runs plugins (such as Flash) as separate processes, which makes the browser as a whole a lot more stable.

Other features? Support for the Do Not Track header, CSS3 animations and transitions, HTML5 drop-and-drop, support for CORS, and opt-in hardware acceleration and WebGL. Given it a download already? Any first impressions?
Tags:  Opera, Mozilla, Browser, IE9