OpenPeak's OpenTablet Gains AT&T 3G WWAN, Just Like The iPad

OpenPeak's OpenTablet make a debut last month, but it was quickly forgotten in the wake of Apple's iPad launching and a number of other major competitors hitting the scene as well. There's no reminder like a reminder that involves one of the major for U.S. cell operators, though, and that's exactly what's being announced this week.

AT&T and OpenPeak have chosen to collaborate and add 3G WWAN services to the ultra-sleek OpenTablet, a touch-screen tablet that will be based on Intel's Moorestown platform. It will also have 802.11n/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and access to the OpenPeak Device Management Services/OpenPeak App Shop. The company is included a lot of extras here that aren't usually found on tablets; for example, device management allows providers to remotely provision, monitor and update the tablet over a broadband networ, while the  OpenPeak App Shop brings consumers and third-party developers together to enable a wide range of multimedia and home management applications.

We are also learning more about the specifications: it will be powered by an Intel Atom chipset and have a 7" multi-touch display, an HDMI output, USB interface, MicroSD slot, and a case that measures 9"x5"x0.59". The whole tablet will weigh just 1.15lbs., though it's not clear if AT&T will sell these directly. At any rate, we're still waiting for a set price to be announced, but with integrated 3G (just like the iPad), this one really feels like a strong contender.