Oops! For Bank of America Customers, You Pay Double With Apple Pay Error

One could argue that Apple users are accustomed to paying a premium for their mobile brand of choice, but being charged double for the luxury of using Apple Pay, the Cupterino company's new mobile payment system, is not something anybody signed up for. Yet it happened to roughly 1,000 Bank of America debit card holders.

"We’re aware of a Bank of America issue impacting a very small number of Apple Pay users," an Apple spokeswoman told Bloomberg in a telephone interview. "They’re working on a fix that will be available shortly and reversing any duplicate transactions."

Apple Pay

The issue has to do with a processing glitch somewhere between the bank and at least one payments network, which resulted in Apply Pay users being charged twice for the same transaction. Since being made aware of the problem, Bank of America has been issuing refunds to those affected.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and are correcting this issue immediately and all duplicates will be refunded," a Bank of a America spokeswoman said.

Apple recently introduced its Apple Pay feature along with new mobile devices. Using the contact-free NFC payment technology, users can pay for transactions using their iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, provided the retailer is equipped to accept such payments.