Only 20 Percent Of Nearly 2 Million Apple Watches Ordered During Launch Weekend Have Been Delivered

If you've been amped-up to get your hands on Apple's latest gadget, the Apple Watch, it appears that you may end up unfortunate enough to be forced to wait a while. According to research firm Slice Intelligence, a mere 22% of U.S. customers who pre-ordered an Apple Watch have received delivery, or put into actual numbers, 376,000 out of the total 1.7 million.

Slice gathered this information with the help of some two million shoppers it has permission to monitor, of which 10,500 have ordered an Apple Watch. That's a low "slice" of the 1.7 million total, but it does expose that Apple was not prepared to meet all of the demand (or in this case, even a sliver of it) right at launch.

Apple Watch Edition

Here's what's a bit concerning: Slice says that 647,000 Apple Watch orders have yet to even be assigned a shipping estimate. Further, it's expected that by the end of April, 33% of those who ordered the smartwatch will receive it by the end of the month, while 28% will receive it in May. It's noted that some shipping estimates put the delivery date in early June, which is admittedly quite a long wait considering we're not talking about iPhone-level production numbers here.

Not an entirely great start for the Apple Watch. The Cupertino-based company will be holding its Q2 earnings call later today, so it could be that we'll get a clearer idea of what's going on with this rollout from that.