OnePlus To Launch Its First Smart TV As It Expands Past Phones

If you were asked to guess which smartphone maker now has plans to launch its own television, you'd say OnePlus, because read the headline. Had you not, however, you might have guessed Apple. it would have been a logical guess, based on past rumors, but also wrong. OnePlus is on track to beat Apple to the punch with what it's calling the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus is best known for its smartphone lineup, of course, as that is primarily what it builds and sells (along with a spattering of related accessories). And it all began "with a simple, bold idea: make a better phone." The company has released several handsets since starting out in 2013, and is about to launch the OnePlus 6T. But shove the OnePlus 6T aside for a moment, because OnePlus has something else up its sleeve.

"We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity. To do this, we are building a new product of OnePlus’ premium flagship design, image quality and audio experience to more seamlessly connect the home. We call it: OnePlus TV," OnePlus announced in a blog post. "We believe your TV has the potential to be so much more than where you watch your favorite shows."

Extrapolate that from what you will. At the very least, you can bet there will be a large focus on the underlying OS and smart capabilities. These days, most TVs come with at least some sort of smart integration, allowing viewers to access Netflix and other apps without having to buy a separate set-top streaming box. Some implementations are better than others.

Depending on far OnePlus is reaching, however, that could be just the beginning. OnePlus could be envisioning a smart hub of sorts. If it's looking to extend the TV beyond a device for beaming shows to your eyeballs, then it opens the door to various other segments, like smart lighting and door lock controls, gaming, and whatever else.
What the OnePlus TV ultimately entails could be dependent on user feedback. OnePlus founder Pete Lau put out on a call on Twitter for users to submit their ideas and suggestions.He's also looking for input on a name.

It's an interesting, and unexpected pivot. We'll have to wait and see what all it entails, as OnePlus isn't sharing any particulars at the moment.