Alleged 60-inch Apple OLED TV Spied Testing in Secret Facility

apple tv oled
There have been rumors of a fully-fledged Apple TV for years. No, we're not talking about the relatively small streaming box that competes with Roku and Amazon Fire TV, but a full-size television set that would be a central hub for media consumption.

Up until now, the Apple-branded TV has just been a rumored product, and we haven’t seen any real physical evidence of its existence. That all changed this morning when alleged pictures of a prototype Apple OLED TV surfaced. The pictures were originally discovered in a Weibo post, before gadget leaker Benjamin Geskin made them widely available via Twitter.

According to the Weibo post, the OLED TV has a screen that measures roughly 60 inches, narrow bezels and it features a metal shell. The Apple logo is also prominently displayed on the back of the device, but unfortunately, the images are not exactly crisp and clear — they appear to be camera phone shots taken of a CCTV screen.

One of the images show the TV sitting on a stationary test bench, while the other show the TV mounted on a table with a rotating platform inside what appears to be an acoustically-insulated room. Even if these images are somehow legit, it’s highly unlikely that that came from out of Apple’s HQ given the level of secrecy surrounding its testing labs. That means that these images are most likely from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners.

Apple has committed to making a new professional display that will be paired with its upcoming all-new Mac Pro (after the hiccups it experienced with its LG display partnership), so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the company would be testing prototypes. However, we highly doubt that it would be testing a 60-inch OLED display for computer duty.

So, are we all on a wild goose chase, or does Apple really intend to enter the cutthroat big screen TV market? Only time will tell...