OnePlus Is Bringing Its First Mechanical Keyboard To Market And It Sounds Fantastic

one plus keyboard
OnePlus is adding to its product line with its first-ever mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is scheduled to launch in February of next year and will feature an all-aluminum body, swappable and mappable keys, as well as other customizable features.

OnePlus is best known for its stellar smartphones and accessories like wireless earbuds and smartwatches. The company gained 5G support across all major US carriers for its OnePlus 10T smartphone back in September. What many may not know is that OnePlus also makes gaming monitors and is getting ready to release its first keyboard next year in collaboration with the famous keyboard maker Keychron.

The OnePlus mechanical keyboard is currently in what the company calls its "Co-creation with Users" phase, with it moving into a "Rigorous Testing Phase" in January. A month later the company is ambitiously saying it will officially launch the keyboard, with mass production starting in March-May of 2023.

one plus key switches
OnePlus Switch Sampler Kit and four different material keycaps

In terms of design, the keyboard will have a gasket design that is precisely calibrated with a softer actuation and paired with "a satisfying sound." OnePlus says that it is not "in the pursuit of silence," but the audible sound will be dampened while keeping the superior typing experience.

The body of the keyboard will be encased in a comprehensively crafted aluminum body. An ultra-precise CNC aluminum manufacturing process will guarantee what the company calls a "silky-smooth" feel.

While the keyboard is being designed to work seamlessly for Mac users, the company is making sure to cover its bases when it comes to compatibility, as it will work with devices across Windows and Linux platforms as well.

For those who love customizing their keyboard experience, the product will fully support advanced, customizable features including hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware. Open-source firmware like QMK in conjunction with the VIA configurator allows real-time control without the need to reflash firmware. QMK firmware is used by other companies, like Drop, in certain models to great success. This will make customizing RGB lighting effects, remapping keys, and unlocking the full potential of the keyboard extremely easy.

As of right now, there are no indications as to pricing. However, with mass production projected to begin in March-May of next year, it should not be long before we have more information on OnePlus' first-ever mechanical keyboard.