OnePlus Apologizes For 'Messing Up' OnePlus 2 Launch (Again)

One way or another, OnePlus is going to make headlines. Unfortunately for fans of company's phones, the headlines aren't always for positive things, which in this case it's in the news for screwing up its launch of the OnePlus 2. Perhaps the OnePlus 3, should there be one, will be a different story.

To the company's credit, it isn't hiding from the fact that potential buyers once again had trouble purchasing the OnePlus 2, just as they did with the original OnePlus One. Instead, OnePlus readily acknowledges that it messed up a second time and issued another apologetic blog post.

OnePlus 2 Handset

"We messed up the launch of the OnePlus 2. Well, we messed up the launch of the OnePlus One as well," OnePlus stated. "Although inventory levels ramped up eventually, months after the announcement, it was still extremely difficult to buy the device. We comforted ourselves to the fact that we were young, and that we’d learn and show the world we could do better next time around[...]I'd like to apologize on behalf of OnePlus for the delay."

With the OnePlus One, the company was caught off guard by the level of demand for the device. Getting an invite was difficult, so OnePlus revamped its invite system for the OnePlus 2 launch. The company also committed to building anywhere from 30 times to 50 times more OnePlus 2 handsets at launch than the OnePlus One.

After all the rhetoric and promises, actually purchasing a OnePlus 2 handset became a difficult thing.

OnePlus Never Settle

"We told our users it would be 30-50x easier to get invites, and they needn’t worry. Yet, we only began shipping in meaningful quantities this week, nearly a month after our initial targeted shipping date," OnePlus continued. "You can talk all you want, but in the end, flawless execution speaks much louder than unfulfilled promises."

And that's the bottom line -- execution. OnePlus will survive the OnePlus 2's flawed launch because, at the end of the day, there are still buyers who want the device. However, OnePlus knows it can't keep leaning on the excuse that it's new to this market and that inexperience is to blame. It has to execute, plain and simple.

"We don’t plan on making further promises for future launches, and will instead focus on showing the world how we’ve improved through our actions," OnePlus said.