OnePlus 7 Pro Phones Reportedly Plagued By Phantom Display Tap Syndrome

Consumers all around the world have adopted affordable smartphones by the masses as the price of high-end devices pushes ever higher. One of the brands seeing demand increase is OnePlus, and this month it launched its new flagship device called the OnePlus 7 Pro. Almost as soon as users got their devices in hand, reports began to flood in on Reddit and OnePlus' support forums that the smartphone was suffering from a bizarre phantom touch issue.


The issue presents as the screen of the device randomly responding to touches that aren't there that some have dubbed "phantom" or "ghost" touches. Users on the OnePlus support forum have been running the CPU-Z app on their devices to see if their smartphone has the issue, a video of the issue in action can be seen below.

Users impacted by the ghost touch issue only need to open the app and leave it sitting to see the rogue inputs surface. Reports indicate that the bug doesn't affect all of the devices. One of the users who reported the issue on the OnePlus forum says that he was told to put in a replacement request while another says that he was contacted by a "bug hunter" who asked for various logs to troubleshoot the issue.

In other news, OnePlus has issued a new update for OxyGen OS for the OnePlus 7 Pro that is meant to adjust some camera options. The update also calls out double tap to wake and ambient display optimizations and promises general bug fixes. Camera fixes in OxygenOS 9.5.4 international (9.5.5 EU) bring improved image quality in HDR shooting, enhanced low light image quality, fixed white balance issues, and fixed focus issues in several scenarios.