Future OnePlus 7 Pro Firmware Update Will Bring A Killer New Feature

OnePlus 7 Pro
We have no qualms recommending the OnePlus 7 Pro as it currently exists—it combines a killer display with a 90Hz refresh rate, with high-end hardware and excellent camera performance, all at a price point that is easier to swallow than some competing flagship Android phones.  As good as the phone already is, however, an upcoming firmware update is going to add some nifty new features.

The feature we are most excited about is video recording support getting added to the ultra-wide camera. This could be a game changer for some folks, and has been a widely requested upgrade. For OnePlus 7 Pro owners who have been pining for ultra-wide video recording, the OnePlus team confirmed that the feature has been approved and is under development.

"We know how anxious you are for this feature and we hear you," OnePlus stated in a forum post.

Beyond ultra-wide video recording, OnePlus identified several other features that it is either working on or considering. For example, support for adaptive icons is being developed for Oxygen OS, and OnePlus is going to tweak things so that users will be able to see more apps when accessing the recent apps menu. OnePlus is also going to implement a charging sound effect.

One feature of particular interest is support for horizon light customization. While perhaps not bound for the next firmware update, it sounds like it is only a matter of time before this gets added to the OnePlus 7 Pro. The hold up appears to be battery life, and figuring out how to best implement the feature with the least impact.

"We understand users' pain point of not having a notification light on their devices. We are looking into this, as well other alternatives to implement AOD in a battery-friendly way," OnePlus added.

OnePlus outlined a few other things, and in addition to the actual features that are coming to the OnePlus 7 Pro, users lauded the company's transparency. We do not often see this level of communication on specific features from companies, or attention to user feedback.

"Awesome! I love the emphasis OnePlus pits on it's community and how they really give the consumer a voice. Keep up the awesome work guys!," a OnePlus forum member wrote.

OnePlus did not say when the next firmware update will be available.