OnePlus 7 Snapdragon 855 Flagship Won't Have Wireless Charging, And Here's Why

OnePlus 6T
OnePlus is working on a new smartphone, the OnePlus 7, and the leaks to this point suggest it will feature a full-front display without a notch (including the lack of a teardrop notch) and a slider design. Interestingly though, it might not support wireless charging, even though that is quickly becoming a standard feature on flagship phones. So, what gives?

Publicly, the company's stance is that wireless charging is not where it should be, and since OnePlus phones are apparently known for their charging capabilities, OnePlus has decided not to implement it into the OnePlus 7.

"OnePlus charging is one of the best, Wireless charging is far inferior," OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in an interview with CNET.

No, you are not the only one raising an eyebrow at that explanation, I am as well. I don't know that any phone ever gets picked over another just because of its amazing charging capabilities—plug it in when you go to bed and enjoy a rejuvenated phone when you wake up.

That said, Lau is not wrong about wireless charging being inferior. It's more convenient than plugging in a cable, sure. But fast charging through a wired connection is faster than fast charging on a wireless pad or stand. It's also the reason why Qualcomm is expanding its Quick Charge compliance program to wireless, which will include Qi interoperability.

"Wireless charging products have been introduced that claim Quick Charge support, when they have not passed through the required Quick Charge compliance process. In response to these issues, Qualcomm Technologies has expanded its compliancy program to include wireless charging pads powered by Quick Charge technology," Qualcomm said earlier this week.

Even so, Lau's explanation feels like a cop out. It also means the OnePlus 7 will be behind the 8-ball in competing with the latest generation flagships from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others. I suspect OnePlus will change its tune when the OnePlus 7s or 8 come into view, but for the 7, wireless charging simply will not be supported.

Everything else figures to be high-end, including the processor (like a Snapdragon 855 SoC) and multiple camera arrangement.