OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Announced With 10GB RAM And $699 Price Tag

OnePlus 6T McLaren
If owning an actual McLaren is out of your budget, then perhaps a OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition smartphone is more up your alley. It's certainly more affordable than an actual McLaren—the asking price is $699, versus the British automaker's recently announced 720S Spider, a sexy convertible that starts at $315,000.

The new OnePlus 6T McLaren is a "salute to speed" and a nod to McLaren's rich history. It features a carbon fiber pattern on the rear of the handset, inspired by McLaren being the first to use carbon fiber in its Formula 1. There's also some orange coloring on the bottom of the phone. As OnePlus points out, "Papaya Orange has long been a hallmark of McLaren’s car design."

And of course there is the McLaren branding.

"The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is like a badge, worn by those who are forever in pursuit of speed. The McLaren Badge moves and shifts in different lighting and angles, highlighting the fluidity and speed of the device," OnePlus explains.

It's not all visual flair, though. Underneath the hood of this smartphone speedster is a whopping 10GB of RAM paired with 256GB of onboard storage. For comparison, a regular OnePlus 6T starts at $549, with the base model sporting 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. So, buyers are getting more for their money than just a different aesthetic.

OnePlus also baked in a new 'Warp Charge 30' wired charging system. According to OnePlus, users can recharge battery life to half capacity in just 20 minutes. It's also possible to play a game or watch a move while charging at full speed, OnePlus says.

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition will be available soon. It comes with an orange and black braided USB-C charging cable, special packaging, a chunk of carbon fiber preserved in an acrylic block, a headset dongle, and a hardcover "Salute to Speed" book detailing McLaren's history.