OnePlus 5 Flagship Android Phone Confirmed For June 20th Launch

OnePlus 5 Packaging
If you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the OnePlus 5, the wait is nearly over. OnePlus confirmed today that it will unveil its next generation flagship on June 20th — exactly two weeks from today.

For those that live in New York City, OnePlus will be holding a “pop-up” event on launch day with CEO Carl Pei and YouTube personality Marques Brownlee. There will will be other pop-up events held in London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Helsinki. OnePlus invites fans to come “hang out” and get their hands on some sweet swag while they brush shoulders with execs.

OnePlus’ claim to fame has been to offer flagship-worthy specs with pricing that undercuts top rivals by hundreds of dollars. In the case of the OnePlus 5, we expect to see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM and at least 64GB of onboard storage. The OnePlus 5 is also tipped to feature a QHD display, dual-lens rear camera setup and will be slightly smaller than its OnePlus 3T predecessor.

Leaked retail packaging seemingly confirms the dual cameras spec, but we’ll have to wait until later this month to get the rest of the goods on the OnePlus 5 — unless all of the specs leak out ahead of time, which is highly likely these days.

OnePlus recently confirmed that it is working with DxO to help improve its picture quality, writing:

DxO is perhaps most well-known for creating the defining photography benchmark, the DxOMark. They’ve got years of imaging experience and expertise, both for professional cameras and for smartphones… Working alongside DxO, we’re confident the OnePlus 5 will be capable of capturing some of the clearest photos around.

The OnePlus 5 definitely won’t have the marketing muscle that helps prop up devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7, but customers will no doubt appreciate the more affordable pricing.