Oneiric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10) Launching October 13th In A Shroud Of Mystery

Lion and Windows 8 may be stealing their share (and then some) of the spotlight, but that's not to say that other operating systems are just sitting on their laurels. Ubuntu, perhaps the most popular flavor of Linux for the consumer world, is about to release their newest version. Oneiric Ocelot is on the edge of launch, with Ubuntu 11.10 arriving October 13th.

What's interesting about this upcoming launch is just how much effort is going into promoting is, and moreover, shrouding it in mystery. A new teaser site has launched with the sole purpose of getting you interested in Ubuntu, with "a whole new world" and "a whole new computer" promised. There are no details on what v11.10 will bring, but with that kind of tag line, even the non-Linux fans should take notice.