One Click Root / Unroot Comes to the Droid X

The Motorola Droid X was rooted a few days ago, but that required users to follow a long and somewhat confusing set of instructions. This method is far easier: download the file, unzip, and unroot.

Rooting an Android device is sort of along the same lines as jailbreaking on an iPhone. It allows you to run apps that require root access, and on some devices allows the installation of custom ROMs.

The new, easier, rooting procedure comes via the same forum that gave users the "long method," AllDroid. The poster has attached a file, that needs to be extracted to a folder, from which DroidXRoot.exe should be run.

Supposedly, it will work on 7 / Vista / XP (XP needs the .NET 3.5 Framework installed), but other posters in that thread seem to be having issues if they are running the program on XP.

Oh, and it's not really a one-click solution. Much as in the original rooting procedure, you need to toggle Bluetooth or wi-fi during the process, and press "Allow" when a Superuser.apk prompt pops up on your X.

A forum account is needed to download from AllDroid. That's not too much to ask, is it? The developer noted he will be updating the app with bug fixes and features, including bloatware removal, app installation, backup, and more. Full instructions at the forum, so go check it out. Note that your mileage may vary.