One City Angel Investor Ron Conway’s MyBook Video Pokes Fun At Tech Device Mega-Hype

As a way of promoting the One City initiative, and Circle the Schools, tech advocacy group released a spoof video that makes fun of the furor that occurs during the unveiling of a new tech product. Founded by investor Ron Conway,’s goal is to help bring tech companies and communities in San Francisco together.

The organization’s first step is Circle the Schools. An initiative that involves local tech companies adopting San Francisco public schools. Over the period of one school year, each company is responsible for organizing three to five activities with the school it has partnered up with. As for the events held, they are expected to be customized to meet the needs of each school and can focus on things such as donating books, reading aloud to students, or hosting field trips to company offices.

"More than 20 tech companies have already joined One City's first initiative, Circle the Schools. This is just the beginning," said Conway in a press release. "Circle the Schools connects tech companies with our public schools to give our students the tools and resources they need to succeed, one school at a time."

To help promote the new initiative, a spoof video was created that features some big names in the tech industry. Starting with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone speaking with a reporter about a new project he is working on. As the reporter asks Stone about this new device, Stone starts to answer but is cut off when he says, “My Book…”

The Reporter mistakenly thinks that is the name of the product and, from there, tech media and consumers are abuzz about the new MyBook device. The video then shows celebrities such as MC Hammer and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana voicing how eager they are to get their hands on the device.

From there, the video shows how consumers react to the news. From people camping in lines for the non-existent device, to talking about it on Twitter and interviews, it provides a look at how things have changed when it comes to technology.

At the end of the video the reporter, who started the whole MyBook debacle, finds out that this is all about Circle the Schools, an initiative where tech companies are donating books to schools rather than a new device.

So what did you think of the video and what is your opinion about