Omaura: Alright, Uptight, Clean Out Of Sight

The slim form factor of your average flatscreen, plus its widescreen dimensions, coupled with the rat's nest of wires and other components that you generally need to watch what you want to watch has yet to be elegantly integrated into the living room. The TV armoire is dead, and we're left to display components out in the open, generally. And the components are mostly pretty ugly, turning the TV viewing room into a dorm room setup. The addition of a computer of any kind to the mix is only going to make things worse. Can't someone make something elegant to house our ones and zeros? Omaura cases can. 

When we first opened the PDF containing the concept images of Omaura's concept TT chassis, we thought for a second it was a large, TV-stand-ready all-in-one PC whose display had a seriously distorted aspect ratio. We'll confess to a little disappointment once we realized it was simply an upright case, but that shot of its interior got us excited again. Imagine sticking the TT on a low-profile table under your wall-mounted LCD or plasma screen.

All the industrial designers are either drunk or asleep everywhere but Apple and Omaura, I guess. Can they do something about the remote now? All seventeen of them.
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