Olive 4HD Music Server Caters To The (Rich) Audiophile

Love your music? No, we mean do you really, really love your music? If you're willing to pay to prove it, Olive has a new music server just for you. The all new 4HD is a specialized, high-end server designed to stream tunes from its internal hard drive out onto whatever high-end speaker setup you have, and the integrated Gigabit Ethernet socket + 802.11n Wi-Fi module enable it to send/receive signals over a home network.

The main feature here (aside from the 2TB of internal storage space) is the ability to offer sound quality up to 250 times the resolution of a standard CD. Of course, the human ear probably can't tell the difference, but it's the numbers that count, right? The 4HD has a proprietary high-resolution Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC), featuring Texas Instrument's 192khz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1792A.

It also ships with an integrated optical drive for playback and ripping to the HDD, and better still, the HDMI socket enables on-screen music navigation on your HDTV. Oh, and Olive also a free iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows users to control the HD Hi-Fi Music Server from anywhere within the home network. Handy, no? The only problem here is the $1999 asking price, which is likely "steep" by most anyone's definition.