OLED-Equipped Ceramic White Cowon S9 Surfaces

When you mention "OLED" and "portable media player" in the same sentence, one of two devices probably come to mind. Sony's OLED Walkman, or more recently, Microsoft's forthcoming Zune HD. But really, there's a media player that's been touting an OLED panel longer than either of those two, and it goes by the name S9.

Cowon's quiet yet powerful entrant into the touchscreen media player realm has remained largely under wraps here in America thanks to a dearth of marketing, but there's at least a fighting chance that it'll gain a bit more popularity now that a striking white version has surfaced. Over on Cowon's website, the S9 White Edition has popped up with its very own Web portal, showcasing a player with white borders, a white back and white earbuds. The "Ceramic White" hue looks to be a Korean exclusive for now, but we can only hope that the device makes its way across the Atlantic in due time.

As of now, there's no mention of a price or release date, but we get the idea it'll be priced below those "other," more well-known rivals.