Okoro Brings Quad CableCard Support To SX100 HTPC

Okoro Media Systems has been producing pre-fabricated HTPCs for years now, and even as the niche narrows, they're continuing to be one of the go-to places for new living room computers. Now, the company is looking for ways to convince consumers to spring for an HTPC when they wouldn't otherwise, and the newly equipped SX100 is just the thing. It's just 3" tall, which is extremely slim for a full-fledged HTPC. And despite what you may assume, Okoro has managed to equip the machine with some pretty respectable specifications given the small size and limited airflow room.

The 2010 edition SX100 is unique in the fact that it can be ordered with a Quad HD Tuner, which also supports CableCARD. If you have a CableCARD and a quad HD tuner, you can record and/or watch four high-def cable streams at once. All within a system that's 3" tall, too. Other specifications include a stock 2.93GHz Core i3-350 processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 2TB of storage, a Blu-ray player, integrated Intel X4500HD graphics, and 7.1-channel audio output.

The stock configuration is $1695, but it can be customized to your liking if you've got the spare cash.

Okoro Media Systems Upadates SX100 Multi-tuner Media PC for HD DVR Hungry Consumers

Okoro Media's slim SX100 Media PC answers the need for multiple show recording with over 219 hours of DVR storage available for HD CableTV programming.

Rosemont, IL (PRWEB) June 20, 2010 -- Okoro Media Systems™, manufacturer of Digital Entertainment Systems for the A/V market, introduces the availability of the 2010 SX100 slim Digital Entertainment System. The 2010 SX100 is a thin Digital Entertainment System designed to record HD television programming from the customer’s cable TV provider or free over the air HD signals. With its built-in quad HD tuner, customers can record up to four shows simultaneously. The unit also includes a CableCARD slot that can used to record premium HD channels such as Showtime, HBO and ESPNHD.  Using a CableCARD from their provider, customers can replace their current set top/DVR with the SX100 unit.

At three inches high, the SX100 is designed to blend in seamlessly with existing home theater equipment while running quietly. The unit also has the ability to manage  music, photos, movies, and allow the playback of Blu-ray titles and is 3D ready.

The SX100 is currently priced at $1695 and ships with the following standard features:
• 3” High Brushed Aluminum A\V styled Enclosure
• Intel i3 Processor technology
• Quad Tuner for recording HD Cable TV (CableCARD), QAM, and free over the air HD signals
• Blu-ray playback with 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio via HDMI
• 2TB of storage for 219 hour of HD programming
• Windows 7 64bit operating system
• 4GB of system memory
• Access to Netflix service