Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer: Venus Is Out Of This World

Bungie isn't letting up on the Destiny videos or slowing down its momentum. The sci-fi MMO-shooter has been dubbed GameStop’s most pre-ordered game IP to date, which is a good indicator of how highly anticipated the game is. Now Bungie has released another official gameplay trailer for all to marvel at.

The new gameplay trailer shows the lush planet of Venus. A planet where an academy, built on the shore of a sea, was dedicated to learning and research until it was lost when the waters boiled and destroyed the coast. In the trailer we see playable Guardians fighting the Vex, a race of mass-produced machine units, while exploring the planet that shows large, dilapidated structures and abandoned cities. 

Venus is one of four destinations players will visit in the game in addition to Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Judging by the trailer, the planet will feature some stellar locations for Guardians to explore. 

Destiny continues to gain traction and enthusiasm with its impressive graphics and large scope. The game is set to release September 9 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 platforms. Unfortunately, no information has been released pertaining to a PC version.