Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Urges You To ‘Discover Your Power,’ No Kissing Goats

The Call of Duty series might not be for everyone, but every time Activision releases a new live-action video, I feel like it'd be a movie that many people would enjoy. They're simply well-put-together, and fun. The latest one, for Advanced Warfare, is no exception. Called "Discover Your Power", this video showcases many of the abilities and items you'll have at your perusal, such as super jumping, on-the-fly ziplines, threat grenades, and also vehicles.

Here's what Activision has to say about the video, "Suit up and unleash the raw power of the advanced soldier in the live action trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Directed by Peter Berg and starring Taylor Kitsch and Emily Ratajkowski, fight your way through a series of enemy forces and discover new movements, capabilities and weaponry along the way in this heart-racing journey through 2059 Lagos." But what about the goats that the title of this post alludes to? You'll have to watch the video to figure that out!

If you've somehow been left in the dark with what Advanced Warfare is all about, you should check out all of the other videos that Activision has released over the past couple of months. In particular, I'd recommend one we took an in-depth look at last month, which showcases the most complex multiplayer mode the CoD series has ever seen.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to launch on November 3rd for those who pre-order (and receive the 'Day Zero' edition), while the rest of the world will receive it the following day. If you're a big CoD fan, you'll definitely want to opt for the Day Zero edition if you can, as it not only gives you a one-day advance to play (and double XP for that day), it'll also give you the Bullet Brass exoskeleton, EM1 Quantum energy weapon, AK-12G assault rifle, and CROSSBOW-B2. Well worth it if you are planning to pick the game up at launch anyway. On the consoles, you'll need a special code to get the Day Zero edition; if you're on the PC, you'll get it automatically simply by pre-ordering (but make sure there's explicit note at your place of purchase that it's included).