OCZ’s Next Generation VXL 1.3 Software Expands Solid State Virtualization and Caching

OCZ has released more details of the VXL 1.3 cache and virtualization software it teased before this week’s CeBIT 2013 in Hannover, Germany, and the upgraded offering includes virtualized “SAN-less”, highly available, fault tolerant environments courtesy of the software’s new synchronous data mirroring capabilities. The idea is to prevent data loss and virtual machine downtime at all times.

The software maintains two identical, live copies of virtual machine data by mirroring the information across OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe cards (have a peek at our review of the card for more info), which accomplishes the task of keeping two copies of the data and also leverages the PCIe cards’ flash storage, cooling, and power performance.


On the caching side, a “pre-warming cache engine” lets IT managers load the data cache so that it’s available to applications when they’re expected to need it; there’s also a scheduler in the software so that managers can both identify use patterns and set schedules for data cache.

Enterprise users who already have VXL software will able to upgrade to version 1.3 by contacting their OCZ contacts.