OCZ's 1TB Octane Solid State Drive Touches Ground in Mid May

Owning a high performance solid state drive with lots of storage space would be like having your cake and eating it too, which, by the way, is really the only the way to enjoy a cake. Regardless, it doesn't have to be a pipe dream, provided you're willing to drop a small fortune on a big size SSD with performance numbers to match. If you are, you'll be happy to know that OCZ's monster sized 1TB Octane SSD is getting to ready to ship in the next couple of weeks.

A Japanese language press release tipped the details of the 1TB model's retail availability, which a Google translation pegs to be mid-May. The price is said to be 260,000 yen, which works out to about $3,255 in U.S. currency, though it won't be quite that expensive. According to a product page on Amazon's website, the list price is $3,000 and the street price is $2,420 shipped.

That's a hefty investment, to be sure, but if you're willing to drop that kind of coin on a storage device, you'll be rewarded with 1TB of storage space in a 2.5-inch form factor with up to 460MB/s sequential read speeds, up to 330MB/s write speeds, up to 32,000 IOPS random 4K reads, and up to 24,000 IOPS random 4K writes. Not exactly record breaking, but totally respectable for anyone who wants capacity and performance in a single device.