OCZ Z-Series PSUs Grab Energy Efficiency Crowns

Looking for a dependable, energy sipping power supply for your next gaming rig? Look no further than OCZ Technology, which has just announced that its heralded Z-Series PSUs have achieved 80 Plus Gold and Silver Efficiency. Engineered to deliver top-notch performance for today's most demanding components, all while inhaling as little energy as possible, the Z-Series lineup features some pretty impressive stats.

For instance, these are among the first power supplies to meet the strict requirements of the 80 Plus Gold 90% efficiency standard, with the Z1000 (currently in production) slated to be the very first 1KW power supply available to end-users with the prestigious 80 Plus Gold rating. Additionally, two Silver 80 Plus rated power supplies are included in the series: the Z550 (550 watts) and Z650 (650 watts). Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at the OCZ Technology Group, was understandably elated: "The Z-Series is the culmination of close to two years of development time within our Power Management division and their partners. OCZ power supplies now stand at the very forefront of efficiency and performance, offering end-users the ultimate solution for their future-proof build, maximum performance without compromise, cutting-edge power conversion efficiency, a single +12V rail to support over-clocking efforts, optimal thermal management, a standard ATX footprint, extremely low audible fan noise, and by preference, a modular or non-modular configuration (Z1000 or Z1000M)."

The most impressive aspect of the aforesaid Z1000 is its remarkable power efficiency; at typical load, this PSU delivers over 90% efficiency, making it an excellent contender for high-end systems and workstations that require both maximum performance and efficiency. Following that, the Z650 exhibits over 89% efficiency at typical load. The entire Z-Series mentioned here will be available this spring with a 5-year warranty.