OCZ to Debut Next-Gen Enterprise Storage Solutions, Sign Up for Beta Testing

If you’re in Hannover, Germany next week for the CeBit conference, pop on over to OCZ’s booth and sign up to be a beta tester for the company’s new ZD-XL SQL Accelerator, a combination hardware and software tool that allows database administrators to optimally manage data cached to SSD storage. OCZ is actively looking for beta testers who are willing to operate under NDA, so get in line to sample the good stuff.

The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator isn’t the only enterprise product OCZ brought along to show off, though. There’s also VXL 1.3 Virtualization Software and LXL Acceleration Software, which include OCZ Direct Pass Caching Technology for running multiple concurrent server loads on a single physical host, thus maintaining high availability as well as better CPU and memory usage.


Finally, OCZ announced the next generation of its workstation-class PCI Express SSDs, which will sell under the Vector brand and feature four PCIe Gen2 lanes and a suite of flash management tools.

OCZ didn’t reveal any pricing, but we’re sure that info will be out soon enough.