OCZ Technology Pops 7.5mm SSD Into LG Notebook

Leave it to OCZ Technology to come out with an SSD that's probably too slim to even fit into your existing notebook cage without some padding. Indilinx and OCZ just announced that a new Everest Series SATA 3.0 drive is shipping in LG's line of ultra-thin notebooks. The kicker? The drive is only 7.5mm in height, a good bit thinner than most standard-height 9mm drives. The good news is that thinner SSDs mean that companies have more room to play around with, and could set their sights on making even thinner notebooks.

LG is now offering its ultra-thin series of notebooks with customized Indilinx Everest-based ultra-slim SSDs with “fast boot” technology, and the new size enables this breed of LG laptop to support outer maximum z-height dimensions of less than 21mm, without sacrificing storage capacity, speed, or reliability.

LG is currently shipping its LGP220 Series with the custom designed ultra-slim Everest based SSD in 128GB capacities as standard equipment, and we bet more are on the way. Slimmer parts = slimmer laptops = happy buyers.