OCZ Sponsors eSports Org Cyber Evolution

OCZ Technology Group Sponsors eSports Organization Cyber Evolution

Sunnyvale, CA—February 13, 2008—OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, components, and system builds, today announced its partnership with Cyber Evolution® (CEVO), a premier national online gaming organization that attracts teams from across the country to compete in the hottest PC and console title tournaments. In its ongoing effort to reach out to gaming communities, OCZ Technology is proud to join forces with CEVO in the mutual quest to unite gamers with the high-performance hardware that is specifically tailored for their demands.

CEVO hosts a multitude of gaming competitions throughout the year, with over 75,000 attendants and 2,500 participants each season in the most popular titles, including Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Day of Defeat. OCZ Technology products will be featured at these events to make its memory, power supplies, cooling, and peripherals accessible to gamers and expand the opportunity to define itself as the foremost PC hardware choice for enthusiasts.

“I am very excited about OCZ Technology Group’s 2008 sponsorship commitment to CEVO,” said Charlie Plitt, CEO of CEVO. “OCZ Technology Group Inc. is a leader in the industry and this sponsorship further highlights their commitment to eSports and the importance of the competitive gaming space. Likewise we are very excited to be able to provide the members of CEVO’s community the opportunity to experience OCZ products first hand.”

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