OCZ Shows Off RevoDrive Hybrid SSD / HDD PCIe Card

OCZ's really firing on all cylinders this week at Computex. Aside from breaking records with their Z-Drive, they're also combining an SSD and HDD on a single PCIe card for one of the most awe-inspiring desktop storage solutions that we've seen in quite some while. The new RevoDrive Hybrid improves upon the older RevoDrive design by stuffing a pair of storage solutions onto a single card, giving users the best of both worlds: capacity and speed.

The 2.5" drive on the board is (reportedly) not crafted by OCZ, but that's hardly anything to gripe about. The fact that it's real and working is astounding in itself. The SSD portion can use multiple SandForce controllers arranged in a RAID 0 array to serve as a cache for the HDD. The company's still working out the details regarding what HDD will be situated on the final product, but both 5400RPM and 7200RPM models are being considered.

In order to handle the split, OCZ relies on Dataplex software from Nvelo, and the system can work with as much as 120GB SSD. The company is really showcasing this more as a prototype; there are tons of details that aren't yet available, and lots of questions that remain unanswered. But either way, we're excited about where this could take us; hopefully we won't have to choose between size and speed for much longer.
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