OCZ Announces PC P & C’s Adoption of ESA

OCZ Technology Group Announces PC Power & Cooling’s Adoption of Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA)

—PC Power makes ESA a reality—

Experience unprecedented system visibility and control, while maximizing PC performance

Sunnyvale, Calif.—November 5, 2007—OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and power supplies, today announced PC Power & Cooling’s adoption of ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture), the new and exciting initiative to enable PC components to communicate operational information in real-time and provide enthusiasts with unprecedented software control to manage the conditions within their high-end system. Working closely with NVIDIA®, PC Power helped make ESA a reality for power management.
ESA-certified PC Power & Cooling power supplies will support temperature, current, and voltage monitoring. This revolutionary open standard makes it possible for enthusiasts to supervise and tune characteristics that are not otherwise accessible allowing PC Power ESA PSUs to achieve better performance and an optimal thermal, electrical, and acoustic operating environment within the unit. The result is intelligently balanced performance and noise to obtain the quietest and most efficient system. Additionally, ESA provides a diagnostics tool to help identify the cause of system malfunction and can inevitability save the end-user and manufacturer time and money.
“PC Power & Cooling’s already very low RMA rate would be further reduced by half if the NPF (no problem found) units were not returned. It is sometimes challenging for consumers to determine which component is actually causing a problem, many assume it’s the PSU when in fact the issue could be caused by another device in the system,” stated Doug Dodson, founder of PCP&C and CTO for the OCZ Technology Group.  “This miss-diagnosis causes extra downtime, frustration, and unnecessary expense for system builders or end consumers. We look for ESA to eliminate this problem by provided the customer with the detailed information he or she needs to truly evaluate the condition of their power supply.” 
“We are thrilled to have OCZ support the new ESA standard with upcoming PC Power & Cooling ESA-enabled power supplies,” commented Waleed Zamel, Technical Marketing Manager at NVIDIA. “These ESA-compliant PC Power & Cooling PSUs will provide high-end consumers with unprecedented control to better monitor and optimize temperature, current, and voltage settings.”

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