OCZ 1024-3200 Gold Edition XTC

In the need for some low latency ram that's just begging to be overclocked? Overclockers Online takes a look at OCZ's 1024-3200 Gold Edition XTC. It's some great ram to have if your motherboard supports DIMM Voltage of 3.0 of higher.

"For the suicide-shot overclockers, this is the memory for you because nothing will be able to touch it at 250+ with timings of 2-2-2-5. The gamers out there with higher end CPUs that also have higher multipliers will fall in love with the tight timings at moderate overclocks as well. It is hard to say whether the XTC heatspreaders are any better than the standard ones but the theory behind them is solid and they sure look much better in my opinion. Keeping the temperature of the modules at 40C with no active cooling and high voltages is definitely no luck, these XTC heatspreaders really do their job well."
Tags:  OCZ, gold, edition, 320, XT