Oculus Rift EVE-VR Demo Announced as CCP Games EVE Valkyrie Space Combat Game

When the Oculus Rift Kickstarter project dropped last fall, I admit that I was a little slow to buy into it. Maybe it's just the old fuddy duddy in me, or maybe it's the fact that VR products have been done before, and none to my recollection have ever seen much success. Well, I was clearly wrong about Oculus Rift, as its potential is high, and success thus far, beyond impressive.

Cementing that fact further a couple of weeks ago was the news that industry legend John Carmack would be becoming Oculus' CTO. At this point, it seemed like things could only go up for Oculus, and today, we have another example of how that's going to happen.

As a tech demo to show off what's possible with the Oculus Rift, EVE Online developer CCP had its EVE-VR. Little did it realize at the time, the hype around the project would become so large that the folks there would feel compelled enough to follow it through with a complete game. That game is called EVE: Valkyrie.

It goes without saying that space battles are sure to be a big part of Valkyrie, but nothing else of value has been revealed about the game. Given the popularity of EVE Online, though, and the hype around the Rift, this could be a match made in heaven once released.

And now... I kind of want an Oculus Rift.

Tags:  MMO, Oculus Rift, CCP