Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey’s Ridiculous TIME Cover Unleashes Photoshop Awesomeness

There are often instances where something is done that's so absurd, you have to wonder if it was done on purpose just for the sake of publicity. Any press is good press, right? Well, you can try to guess what TIME's motive was with its latest cover, because it seems impossible that a graphics designer could have been happy with such a result. Behold:

Time VR Cover

Yup, that's Oculus founder Palmer Luckey wearing the headset his company developed. Not only is he on a beach, for some reason, he's levitating, arms spread as if he's a mystical creature.

Of course, a cover like this can't be left alone, and the Internet certainly hasn't disappointed. All over the Web, especially on reddit and Twitter, users have gone wild with their imaginations. Some results are expected, while some are quite clever. Here's a collection of some of the best ones I could find:

Time VR Cover 02
Credit: reddit user cloudbeard

Time VR Cover 03
Credit: reddit user EmonZaemon

Time VR Cover 04a
Credit: Twitter user ID_R_McGregor

Time VR Cover 05
Credit: reddit user TheMelheart

Time VR Cover 01
Credit: reddit user Tidus5005

Time VR Cover 10
Credit: Twitter user MSFX

Time VR Cover 07
Credit: reddit user mattymattmattmatt

Time VR Cover 08
Credit: reddit user graphleek

Time VR Cover 09
Credit: Twitter user GavinEdgington

In talking to GameSpot, Luckey has said that he doesn't see anything wrong with the cover, and definitely doesn't believe it will impact the appeal of Oculus. "I think it's fun. I love the cover." His attitude is admirable, and I guess it should be. What's done is done. But, I can't help but wonder if this will become a meme that sticks around for a while, though.

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