Obama Administration Considering Enhanced Internet Privacy Laws

It looks like Net Neutrality isn't the only thing on the mind of the Obama Administration. There's another issue that's gaining attention, and with Google growing, GPS becoming more mainstream and individual privacy rights being put into question, there may be a new government creation to handle it all. Recently, privacy crackdowns on Facebook and Google (usually for taking too much information from users and making it public, or at least semi-public) have been spearheaded by countries with strict privacy laws like Germany, Canada and the UK.

But America might be thrown into that group soon. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Obama crew is gearing up to approach Internet privacy with renewed vigor, and they may create a new position to oversee the effort. If enacted, this would be a new direction for America. The country has generally avoided conflict in this area in order to not stifle innovation, but the amount of privacy invasions that are happening may force them to take another look.

But Obama may have trouble gaining support. It's unlikely that the new House of Representatives will support more power to any government agency, which they would need to get this through. We're sure more on this will be made public in the coming weeks, but it seems inevitable. Privacy violations are a real threat, and if no one is watching these major corporations, they may just invade something that crosses a line.
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