NZXT Reveals H2 Classic Silent Chassis: Super Quiet, Super Sleek

One of the more serious issues with most full-size gaming towers is noise. Not really heat -- there's plenty of room for fans -- but those fans end up making a ton of noise. NZXT has just released their H2 Classic Silent chassis, which is one of the sleeker cases that we have seen. It provides a layer of noise dampening foam that keeps internal noise from escaping the chassis, and a magnetic fan cover on the top 140mm fan adds another element of silence, but can be removed if the user prefers to maximize cooling. 

Efficient airflow is further achieved with a unique 3 phase fan controller that allows enthusiasts to adjust speeds at 40%, 70%, and 100%.  The removable touch powered fan compartments are wireless so there’s no need to open the side panel to rummage through neatly managed cables behind the motherboard to remove the fan.  8 Front facing HDDs give H2 a thermal edge over other silent solutions on the market by enhancing natural airflow in the front of the case.

Additional innovative features of the H2 include a hot swap capable SATA HDD Dock with easy access from the top of the case.  As with every member of NZXT’s robust chassis lineup, H2 places a premium on cable management with 25mm of space behind the motherboard allowing for a clean build. It'll be available in black and white for $99.99, and if we knew we could keep the white one clean, we'd probably order three.

Tags:  NZXT, chassis, case