Nyko Releases Nintendo Switch 4-Port Retro Hub For GameCube Controllers

Nyko has unveiled a new accessory for fans of the Nintendo Switch who have some old-school GameCube controllers lying around they want to use for some Super Smash Bros. action, or the like, on the Switch. The product is called the Retro Controller Hub and offers four ports for connecting your old controllers to the new Nintendo Switch console. All four ports support GameCube controllers, and Nyko says it is ideal for retro gaming co-op play.

nyko retro hub

The hub gets the power it needs to operate from two USB ports on the Switch console dock, giving it the the ability to power the four controllers at once. Gamers not wanting to play with friends or only needing to connect one GameCube controller to the Switch can get a Retro Controller Adapter that uses a single USB port for a single GameCube controller.

nyko hub switch

The two USB ports that the hub needs for power are on the side of the dock, so the hub won't work if you are using the Switch in mobile mode; the dock is required to use the hub. Nyko is selling the Retro Controller Hub for Nintendo Switch for $14.99, and it is available directly from Nyko or on Amazon here. The single port hub/converter can be found here for just $10.

nyko hub front

Nyko also offers the slick wireless controller converter for the NES Classic Edition to free you from wires that no retro gamer wants as part of their old-school experience. In October, the Switch passed the GameCube for cumulative sales. Earlier this month it was announced that the Nintendo Switch was the fastest selling console of this generation. Rumors have suggested that a slightly refreshed Switch might land this summer.