NYC’s Next Generation Subway Cars Feature Wi-Fi, USB Ports, LCD Displays

New York City’s subways have a terrible reputation. Any television show featured in NYC seems to dedicate at least one episode to the notorious transportation system. But New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is looking to shed that image, and just unveiled a new design for the subway system which includes Wi-Fi, USB Ports, and LCD displays.

The governor plans to release 1,025 subway cars and renovate 31 subway stations. These innovations and renovations are part of $27 billion USD, five-year plan by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to renew and expand the subway network. The MTA is using design-build contracts for all 31 stations. This means that a single team will be responsible for the design and construction of an entire project. This plan should reduce both time and potential frustrations.

Governor Cuomo remarked, “We are going to do more than renovate – we are bringing subway stations to a higher standard than ever before, and the new vision for subway cars will increase capacity and reduce overcrowding and delays.”


What will the new cars include? First, The MTA anticipates that out of 1,025 new cars, up to 750 will feature an Open Car End designed. The Open Car End design replaces the door between cars with an accordion-like connector. This creates longer, open spaces, allowing for greater passenger flow. Second, in general, the doors will be wider. This could reduce “dwell time” (time spent waiting in the station) by 32%.


Third, subways will now include WiFi, USB chargers, full color digital customer information displays, digital advertisements, illuminated door opening alerts and security cameras to promote passenger safety. Fourth, the outside of the trains will be renovated and include LED headlights.

Station renovations include enhanced lighting throughout the stations and improved signage which incorporates digital, real-time updates on on-time performance at subway entrances. Stations will possess as well count-down clocks, improved cellular connectivity, and Wi-Fi.

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