NVIDIA's Twin Graphics SLI Setup Goes Tripplet

NVIDIA is proving the saying "Two's Company, Three's a crowd" no longer applies. It is rumored that NVIDIA may have a new three-way SLI setup targeted at mainstream PC enthusiasts. The new take on SLI is supposed to make it's début at CeBIT 2007 where NVIDIA hopes it will steal the focus of the show.

Who needs two-way SLI when you've got three-way SLI, right? Reportedly, NVIDIA is readying a new three-way SLI approach that will actually hit "the mainstream," which differs somewhat from the SLI x 4 renditions that currently reside primarily in pre-fab boxes and luxury boutiques. While we've already heard that Asus' forthcoming U1F will show up at CeBIT, NVIDIA's new SLI treatment just might steal a bit of everyone's thunder by loosing it on the public with a presumably "spiffy marketing" scheme. What this means for the future of linking GPUs together to squeeze marginal benefits out of a gaming rig remains to be seen, but if this rumor proves true, we'll be getting a lot more details come month's end.

I admit, after owning one SLI system already, the idea of a SLI system with three cards in it has the PC hardware geek in me giggling like a school-girl. Yes, I giggle when I get excited, let it be.