NVIDIA's Quad SLI Technology Review - Performance and Quality

When Nvidia realized that two graphics cards couldn't always do the job, they moved to Quad-SLI. While the money needed for a Quad-SLI system is beyond what most people are willing to pay for a gaming rig, there will always be those looking to have the best of the best, regardless of the cost. Whether you're seriously interested in obtaining this technology, or you just like to dream, PC Perspective takes a fairly in-depth look at Quad-SLI and what you can expect from it.

"Quad SLI is a gamer's dream and is able to bring the highest possible image quality along with the highest resolutions on all of today's major titles. Yes, as of now, there are some limitations that need to be worked out, either with NVIDIA's diligence or time. If you want the absolute fastest gaming system, building one with Quad SLI at the core is where you need to start! Ladies and gentlemen, start your check books!"

* Update: [H]ard|OCP has a similar article on-line today as well.