NVIDIA's GeForce GTS 450 Reviewed Around The Web

If you've read our review of NVIDIA's new GTS 450 and are hungry for additional information, we've rounded up some of the other coverage online for your perusing pleasure. Tech Report has information on stock and overclocked cards with SLI tossed in, as do our lovable, polite Canadian brothers. Hexus.net has its own review on some single card matchups,

Over at Legit Reviews, Nathan Kirsch goes into some detail on NVIDIA's target market for the GTS 450, and tests a few games other sites didn't. If you're curious about numbers for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Stalker: Call of Pripyat, or FurMark 1.8.2, he's got the goods. Similarly, Tweaktown has performance data on Resident Evil 5, HAWX, Lost Planet 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and Street Fighter IV.