NVIDIA Unloads GeForce 352.84 WHQL Drivers For Windows 10

We have some good and perhaps slightly surprising news for Windows 10 users running on NVIDIA hardware -- NVIDIA has released new WHQL drivers specifically for you! Why is that slightly surprising? This is only the second time that NVIDIA has made available on its website WHQL drivers for Windows 10, whereas previously they were mostly doled out through Windows Update.

The upside to grabbing drivers direct from NVIDIA is that you get all the extras in one package, like GeForce Experience and PhysX. Both are bundled and updated in the 352.84 WHQL release that's now available for Windows 10.

GeForce Driver

Unfortunately, NVIDIA is mum on what exactly this new driver release brings to the Windows 10 party.

"This driver, version 352.84, is the first WHQL-certified and latest recommended driver for all pre-release Windows 10 testing," NVIDIA explains.

While there's not a lot of information out there regarding the new driver release, there are some complaints on NVIDIA's GeForce forum from users who have given it a test run.

"I'm getting some unusual slowdowns in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer. I haven't figured out how to fix it yet," one user wrote.

The above user solved his issue by using NVIDIA Inspector to disable G-SYNC Global Feature and G-SYNC Requested stated, something he claims was not necessary when running the 352.63 driver. Another user noted a performance issue in Grand Theft Auto V with SLI.

Moral of the story? Proceed with caution. That said, you can find the new driver for Windows 10 in 32-bit form here and 64-bit form here.