NVIDIA Speeds up 80u Production

DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA is currently rushing to manufacture 80u variants of the company's G73-B1 and G72. Doing so will allow NVIDIA to better compete with rival ATI in the mainstream and entry-level GPU markets as the die-shrink will allow NVIDIA to run cooler, consume less power,  and allow for higher frequencies. ATI is already offering 80u products in these segments so NVIDIA is playing a game of catch-up in some respects. However, with NVIDIA supposedly releasing a new flagship GPU this month and ATI's answer not coming until Q1 2006 there is a bit of irony with the situation. 

While ATI prepares to roll out five 80nm grahics processor units (GPUs) in November, Nvidia plans to speed up its 80nm-production schedule of by rolling out revised versions of its G72 and G73 chips to compete with the rival, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.


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