NVIDIA SLI 2.0 Technology In March?

VR-Zone is reporting that NVIDIA will announce their second generation SLI technology at the CeBIT show in March.  This is still rumor at the moment, but NVIDIA definitely has plans to expand upon SLI.  One look at the triple PCI Express x16 slots on 680i mobos and the dual SLI edge connectors on 8800 GTX cards and you know something is in the works.

"We heard faintly about NVIDIA SLI 2.0 technology and it is going to launch during CeBIT in March. Little information is available at this moment but we heard that it will be able to support mixed cards. We are unclear if it is across different series or different models of the same series.. Also there are some rumors out now that GeForce 8x00 series will be able to support multi-GPUs SLI by linking up 4, 6 to 8 cards or more."