NVIDIA Releases Shield's Operating System For Open Source Hackery

NVIDIA's Shield is a very, very bold move. It's a company that has historically dabbled in GPUs, introducing a gaming product that's essentially creating a new product segment. There's a lot riding on the success or failure of the Shield, and now, the company is drawing even more attention to it by announcing that it will be releasing open source software for Shield's entire operating system.

Modders and coders alike will likely take note, and NVIDIA notes that if the out-of-the-box functionality isn't enough for you, it's inviting users to "build out Shield's capabilities any way you wish." If you’re not a coder or already set up with an Android development environment, NVIDIA's suggesting that users check out what the XDA community is working on.

Sadly, a rooted or unlocked bootloader will give NVIDIA the right to reject returns (hardly a surprise), so think long and hard before you dig in too deeply. Either way, it's an exciting move, and one we hope other corporations will follow. Open is good, folks!