NVIDIA Releases GeForce Experience Open Beta

When NVIDIA released a limited beta of its GeForce Experience software last month, 40,000 gamers wasted no time in jumping on top of it. Not long after its release, NVIDIA pulled access to the download, in order to let testing and bug-fixing commence. Now, just a month later, NVIDIA has issued a slew of bug fixes and updates, and has officially released the client as an open beta.

Among the bug fixes or improvements is proper detection of 2560x1440 displays, definitions for Intel's Core 2 Duo or Quad CPUs, improved translations (UK English, Chinese, Danish) and improved performance. Games that have just had their profiles added include Far Cry 3, Mechwarrior Online, Hawken, Hitman: Absolution, Left 4 Dead 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Fable III, The Secret World, Football Manager 2013 and Fallout: New Vegas. This brings the current total of supported games to 41.

I've held off on testing GeForce Experience up to this point, but did dive in with this latest release and am quite impressed overall. The interface is great, and included screenshots to show the differences between certain settings is quite appreciated. I did encounter a couple of games that didn't apply the "Optimized" settings properly (eg: Portal 2), but most of them applied just fine.

Even for users who are experienced with configuring their games, GeForce Experience may still be useful simply to speed things up. This is especially true for games that happen to have a lot of graphical tweaks, such as Total War: SHOGUN 2 or Battlefield 3.

If you're an NVIDIA user, I'd highly recommend giving the software a try.